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Afternoon program for children


The afternoon program in our guest house is one of the core tasks of the volunteer teams in El Salado. After school, all kinds of games and handicrafts take place in the large play and work room in our small home. Of course, the focus is on having fun. The guest house also offers space for learning, for example during homework help, which the volunteers offer for every age group.

In addition to free play in and around the house, each volunteer team offers two groups or projects that complete the afternoon program. These depend on the interests and skills of the current volunteer and of course the children. In recent years there have been reading, chess, cooking, baking, football, theater, art and bookbinding groups, to name just a few. It is not uncommon for school projects, such as the tree-planting project, to be prepared or continued here. Small trips to the surrounding area to swim in the warm piscinas (hot springs) or to see the animals in the pastures are particularly popular with the children.

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